čtvrtek 15. října 2015

See you soon at Metamorphose Tea Party in Vienna!

Porcelain Doll & Cloudberry Lady 
will have a sales booth together at Metamorphose Tea Party in Vienna,
Saturday 17th October 2015.

We will be at the Saturday's tea party only. 
We will not attend Sunday's Bring & Buy.

See the cut for more informations and photos!

Cloudberry Lady
 Unfortunately Cloudberry Lady designer cannot attend this event personally.
But we will carry a lot of her beautiful items - berrets, bonnets, hats and clothing as well.
Few examples of items that will be for sale:

Ursula bonnet - 155 (photo by sanni siira)

Bronttosaurus JSK (a skirt will be for sale)
Bronttosaurus skirt - 140 €
Minna hat - 35 €

Asta bonnet - 150 €
...and much more!
Porcelain Doll
We will bring only few accessories, but we will bring a rack full of clothes!
For example:
headbow & underskirt
bonnet & skirt
Porcelain Doll donations for the raffle
In the raffle you can find:
white underskirt (uni size)

We are looking forward to meet everyone!
Pierrete (designer) & Anko (shop assistent)
PS: Meine Assistentin Anko spricht Deutsch gut. Ich kann etwas Deutsch sprechen, nicht perfekt, aber ich kann mich verständigen (^_^) Natürlich wir beide sprechen auch Englisch.

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